Suicides by members and ex-members of ADRIC

The national level of suicides in UK over the inter-war period 1918 to 1939 was approx 25 suicides per 100,000 males per year. So statistically one would expect over 20 years to encounter 10 suicides among ADRIC force of about 2000 men. Their suicide rate is nearly three times that in ex-ADRIC with at least 38 suicides from 2100 men . Looking just at the 20 years from 1920 to 1940 there were 32 suicides, 1.50 a year or a statistical 75 per 100,000 per year (against a national average of 25 per 100,000)

Spenle HE 1920 Shot himself in Dublin
Regnart CN 1921 Shot himself in Kilkenny
VR Scott 1921 Shot himself in Dublin
Crabbe CE 1921 Shot himself in Dublin Castle
Morrison FW 1921 Drowned himself in Dublin
Smith, Buxton 1922 Shot himself in London
Herbert MG 1922 Gassed himself
Kemp GAD 1922 Poisoned himself in London
Merideth AC 1922 Shot himself in Broadstairs
Belier LV 1922 Shot himself in Dublin
Croke FB 1923 Shot himself in Palestine
Pope C 1924 Probably. He had attempted suicide in 1923
Davey JK 1925 Threw himself under a train
Forster LP 1926 Shot himself in Gibralter
Lamb GM 1928 Poisoned himself with rat poison
Woodstack HE 1929 Overboard from ship
Knight MW 1929 Razor
Bone AF 1929 On Railway Track
Dawe HT 1930 Gassed himself
Phillips WG 1931 Suffocation in Malaya
Lyle H 1931 Murdered his wife, committed suicide in Canada
Arnott JE 1932 Poison in Australia
Tudor WJR 1933 Gassed himself
Atkinson H 1934 Shot himself
Eldridge HH 1934 On railway track
Paulson P 1935 Probably suicide - drowned in Dublin
Webster JS 1936 Drug overdose
Lauder EA 1936 Shot himself
Foley FA 1938 Murdered wife and then cut his throat in Australia
Wainwright D 1939 Drowned
Delmer G 1939 Australia. Slit his wrists
Owen GW 1939 Under a train in India
Newnham SAC 1942 Shot himself
Costigan RH 1942 Shot himself
Eddowes CFB 1949 Gas poisoning, may have been suicide
Linton VW 1949 Amytal Sodium Poisoning. Probably Suicide
Ault AT 1949 Put his head in the gas oven, suffering from cancer.
Rogers CEB 1954 Shot himself

Hittle in Michael Collins and the Anglo Irish War records that there were 7 Men serving under Winter who eventually committed suicide - 5 of them on active service. Last Days in Dublin Castle quotes 5 but I cannot find them all

Spenle HE 1920 Nov 21 Shot himself in Dublin
Regnart CN 1921 Shot himself in Kilkenny
VR Scott 1921 Shot himself in Dublin
Crabbe CE 1921 May 16 Shot himself in Dublin Castle
Last Days in Dublin Castle records a suicide by shooting in Winter's Office "this is the 5th"
Morrison FW 1921 Drowned himself in Dublin
CA Cameron 1924 Aug 19 Shot himself in barracks in Sheffield
GN Fitzjohn 1929 Aug 8 Poison
V Saringny 1930 Dec 31 Shot himself in a London hotel

Attempted Suicide

Frame IM 1929 Attempted Suicide Under trial for theft
Rogers AG 1932 Attempted Suicide bound over 12 months
Worrell CA 1939 Attempted Suicide Carbon monoxide in garage