Lt Arthur Clement Meredith RNR


Brother of DW Meredith

1890 Nov 23. Born. At Holywood, Ireland. Son of an Army Officer. RIC Register has him as Protestant

1901 census 3, Liverpool Road Abbotts Hayes, Chester (same on MIC)

1904 Jan Enrolled in Gisburne House School, Watford

1906 Dec Left Gisburne House School

1909 Apr 20. Territorial Force RFA .1st Cheshire Battery, 3rd Welsh Brigade ; Davidson Weldon Meredith to be Second Lieutenant.

1910 Apr 20. Second Lieutenant Davidson W. Meredith to be Lieutenant.

1911 Census 4 Abbots Hayes Liverpool Road Chester. Arthur is not there. I assume he was at sea.

1918 Jun 28. commissioned Sub Lieutenant RNR. He appears to have been commissioned while he was serving as the Chief Officer (MMR) in the Mercantile Fleet Auxiliary (MFA) ASTERIA (requisitioned as a Stores Carrier in July 1915 and later commissioned as Fleet Messenger No.29).

1919 Oct 31. His RNR commission was terminated 31/10/1919 but he was later re-employed (as Sub Lt RNR ??) in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) KHARKI, a small oiler, in 1919-1920. His last day on naval pay was 16/5/1920.

1921 Jan Joined ADRIC with service no 1444. Posted to N Coy. Mother at Clifflands, Deempton (?) Park Drive, Broadstairs, Kent

1921 Feb 15. Services dispensed with "unsuitable"

1921 Feb 16 Re-joined with service no 1728. Posted to I Coy

1921 Feb 22. Posted to O Coy

1921 Mar 5. Posted to P Coy

1921 May 14. Posted to R Coy.

1921 Jun 3. Removed from suspension "without prejudice" . He was found Not Guilty at Court Martial

Fined £1 by Coy Commander

1921 Jun 20. Posted to Q Coy.

1922 Jan 14. Discharged at demobilisation of the ADRIC.

1922 Dec . Died Broadstairs, Kent aged 31