Major Arthur Gore Loftus Tottenham QSA

1874 Sep 19. Born Glenfarne Hall, Cloondara, Leitrim, son of Arthur Loftus Tottenham, a Conservative MP. Glenfarne Hall (near Lough MacNean) was a forty eight room mansion, was built around 1820 for the Tottenham family. His estate here was the 4th largest estate in Britain and Ireland, The property later became the home of Sir Edward James Harland, Bart., M. P. for North Belfast towards the end of the nineteenth century. Sir Edward died there on Christmas Eve 1895. The building was burnt down during the War of Independence in Ireland.

Of his father 'By his influence he got the Sligo, Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway laid from Enniskillen to Sligo in the late 1870’s at a total cost of £347,000. In the process the money ran out and he went surety for a loan from Harland & Wolfe of Belfast to finish the railway and connect up with the main line at Collooney. He was the first chairman of the company and eventually sole contractor for the line’s construction. Later Sir Edward Harland took over Glenfarne Hall for this debt and Arthur Loftus was disinherited of his possessions in Leitrim. He was M.P for Leitrim from 1880-85. Arthur Loftus emigrated to England and was elected M.P for Winchester in 1886 and he died in New York in 1887 aged 49. He is buried at St Andrew’s Parish Church Hove Sussex, England along with his wife and two of his sons who died as young children.2,3'

1881 Mar 31. census at school living at 38, Grosvenor Gardens, Westminster, London

1894 Mar 1 . Sub Lieutenant, Royal Navy. Act Sub Lieut to the 'Resolution' for 3 months

1899 - 1902 In the Boer War. Trooper 25171 in Imperial Yeomanry.

Northumberland Hussars Imperial Yeomanry, Boer War. (wounded, 110th Coy I.Y. discharged to duty May 10 1902). The Queen's South Africa (QSA) Medal Clasps: Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902

1901 May 6. Second Lieutenant A. G. L. Tottenham, from Unattached, to be Lieutenant, with the temporary rank of Lieutenant in the Army.

1901 Sep 27. Imperial Yeomanry Depot, Lieutenant A. G. LTottenham, from 8th Battalion, to be Captain, with the temporary rank of Captain in the Army. Dated 27th September, 1901. 74 Company (Dublin) 8 battalion Imperial Yeomanry.

1901. Oct 30 from 8 Bn to Depot, Imperial Yeomanry To be a Yeomanry Capt, with temp army rank of Captain

1901 Nov 29. Captain A. G. L. Tottenham, from the Imperial Yeomanry Depot, to be Captain.

1902 Feb 7. To be Captain, 110 Company (Northumberland) 2 battalion Imperial Yeomanry.

1902 May 3. Returns to duty after being wounded.

1902 Aug 14 . Home on "Bulawayo".

1902 Oct 6. Unattached, Captain A. G. L. Tottenham relinquishes his Commission, and is granted the honorary rank of Captain in the Army, with permission to wear the uniform of the Corps.

1905 He lived in New Zealand. He was in the service of the Agricultural Department in New Zealand.

1914 Voters Roll shows him living at Waimarino, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

1914 Aug 29. Arrives in German Samoa with NZ Expeditionary Force. Samoan Government list has him as a Judge in Dept of Native Affairs (he was the first appointee in the Native Department and he held the position of Judge of the Native Court)

Tottenham is with the pith helmet and "P" armband . Beside him in the centre of the photo is Col Robert Logan the Military Governor

And Provost Marshall - Capt A L Tottenham. British Military Occupation of Samoa - The advance guard of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, Nominal Roll. There is a news reference to him also as in Naval Intelligence on the Samoan Expedition.

1914 Oct 3. The wedding of Captain Arthur Loftus Tottenham, Headquarters Staff, Samoa, sixth son of the late Arthur Loftus Tottenham, M.P., Rifle Brigade, of Glenfarne Hall, County Leitrim, to Gladys, second daughter of the late Henry Nation of Hawkes Bay, took place at Apia, Samoa

1914 Dec 5. Poverty Bay Herald "Captain Tottenham of the [New Zealand] occupation forces brought Apia's rollicking social life to a standstill by proclaiming a complete ban on the 'production, sale, and purchase of liquor except for medicinal purposes.' Samoans were not greatly affected by the pronouncement; they still preferred kava. But the European community was stunned by the abrupt halt in Apia’s vibrant social life.

1914 Dec 24 Poverty Bay Herald report "Hundreds of drunken New Zealanders loot German stores in Apia and steal anything that looks drinkable. Afterwards about forty of them showed up at the Administrator’s residence and urged him to go home to New Zealand and tend his sheep"

1917 Nov 14 , Assistant Provost Marshal,.(Graded for purposes of pay as Staff Lts., 1st Cl.).— Temp. Capt. A. G. L. Tottenham, Gen. List. 1

1918, Assistant Provost Marshal, Rome.

1918 Mar 10. Promoted Major. Whilst empld. as D.A.D. of R.T. : The undermentioned to be temp. Majors- (without the pay or allowances of that rank) : — Temp. Capt. A. G. L. Tottenham, Gen_ Last, whilst specially empld.

1919 Feb. Transferred to Genoa.

1919 Jun 8. APM: relinquishes rank of major. Gl. GG.—Temp. Capt. A. G. L. Tottenham, Gen, List, and relinquishes the temp., rank of Maj.

Goes to Russia

1920 Aug 20. Joined ADRIC with service number 387 and RIC number RIC 72874. Posted to K Coy , which at this time did not exist as a Company, but did have one Platoon from men who joined ADRIC mainly 28 Aug 1920 to 7 Sep 1920. He appears to have been with A Coy , which actually squares with some of K Coy being attached to other coys before K Coy came together. Both his letter of Oct 1 and the reports of Sep 11 Post Office raid put him as Intelligence Officer of A Coy

1920 Sep 11. The Kilkenny Post Office Raid .. Major Bruce's second appeal against his conviction for theft said "I believe that Mr Tottenham had worked on the fears of the authorities by saying that I had told him that "it seemed a damned dirty game" when I found him writing "Censored by IRA" on the envelopes [picked up in Kilkenny mail train robbery by Auxiliaries] and his pointing out that I left the force a few days later and was the only person outside the force who knew the story of the raid. Now it is rumoured that a large sum of money, between £700 and £1100 was missing when the mailbags were returned and I knew in whose hands they were in from the time the seals were broken until they were returned" Crozier was later to clam that this raid was not sanctioned by either him nor the A Coy commander, Col Kirkwood. A party of ADRIC disguised themselves as IRA Volunteers, bound and gagged the sorters, and took the mail bags back to A Coy base at Innistiogue for examination. An unknown amount of money appears to have ben stolen and some mail returned and some dumped in a river. Leeson in "Black & Tans" notes that Tottenham was ADRIC Chief Intelligence Officer at that time. So it would appear that Tottenham was involved in ADRIC Intelligence prior to the official founding of K Coy in Cork in Dec 1920

1920 Oct 14.On a raid with A Coy as a T/Cadet

1920 Nov 10 Intelligence Officer K Coy

1920 Nov 30. Reverted to T/Cadet. The writing is unclear, but the date is correct

1920 Mar 26 Posted to Depot

1921 Apr 2 Posted to F Coy

1921 Mar 9

1921 May 25. Admitted King George V Hospital wounded - Custom House action.

1921 Aug 15 to 14 Oct on Medical Leave

1921 Nov 25. Discharged Medically Unfit due to service whilst in the police.

1921 Nov 26. Pension paid for one year

1928 Was in an actor in a film "Adventurous Youth"

1930 His sister in law drowns

1939 Register A retired Major & Film Actor living at 70 Randolph Avenue , Paddington, London

1940 Oct 19 Died London