Louis D'Arcy Shooting 24 Mar 1921 in Co Galway

Darcy was a native of Donaghpatrick, Headford, County Galway, and was Officer Commanding of the third battalion, which made up Cloneen, Claren and Caherlistrane. His brigade was an independent one which liaised with that of Michael Newell in Castlegar.

1921 Mar 24, Louis D'Arcy was shot and killed by Auxiliaries in Galway. He had been arrested at Oranmore Railway Station and was being driven from Oranmore to Galway. There was a convoy of Ford car in front and a Crossley with 3 Auxiliaries guarding D'Arcy. The Ford broke down, forcing the Crossley to stop. T/Cadet J Lowe said at the inquiry "We pulled in to the left side of the road, and immediately the deceased put his foot on the opposite seat, jumped onto the ground and started running for a gap in the wall. We called out "Halt", he did not halt and we fired at him. He fell to the ground" S/L CW Owen was in the other car.

Tudor added to the inquiry report "DAG this would not have occurred if the prisoner had been handcuffed or properly secured"

WO 35/148/79 Death of Louis Darcy; 24th March, 1921; Oranmore-Eglinton road, County Galway.