Lt John Lowe, KSLI

1891 May 18. Born Bignall End, Staffs from RIC register, but not enough to get any further with MIC not giving address.The MIC does not have an adddress. A News report said he had been an architect and sapper

1901 census at Hope St, Bignall End, Audley, Staff - the other 2 John Lowes in the census in the area are less probable given this man's profession in 1911, compared with the Galway court case. And he is a surveyor and civil engineer in 1911

1911 census at Hope St, Bignall End Audley Staffs

1916 Nov 3. landed in France

1920 Aug 24. Joined ADRIC with service no. 250 Posted to D Coy

1920 Nov 24. FHW Guard was personally escorting Michael Moran, commandant of the Tuam IRA Battalion from Eglinton St to 17th Lancers Barracks when Moron is alleged to have tried to escape. Moran was shot "trying to escape" and died. The two other ADRIC men escorting the prisoner were T Simmonds and J Lowe

1921 Mar 24, Louis D'Arcy was shot and killed by Auxiliaries in Galway. He had been arrested and was being driven from Oranmore to Galway. There was a convoy of Ford car in front and a Crossley with 3 Auxiliaries guarding D'Arcy. The Ford broke down, forcing the Crossley to stop. T/Cadet Lowe said at the inquiry "We pulled in to the left side of the road, and immediately the deceased put his foot on the opposite seat, jumped onto the ground and started running for a gap in the wall. We called out "Halt", he did not halt and we fired at him. He fell to the ground"

1921 May 3 Suspended without Pay & Allowances

1921 May 27 to 30 May on Leave

1921 May 28. Posted to E Coy

1921 Aug 6 Arrested and put into Galway Gaol. His wife was living at Heysham. Suspended without pay from ADRIC

1921 Oct 10 Tried, guilty, released as he had been in gaol 11 weeks already. The prison record shows him born Bignall End , Staffs, and his wife E R Lowe living at Seaview House, Heysham

1921 Oct 29. "Dismissed the force"

1939 May 1. Died on MIC