Lt Col Maldwyn Makgill Haldane

Maldwyn Makgill Haldane was Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel the Royal Scots. Assistant Director of the Special Intelligence Service 1914-20. Director CID, Military Advisor's Staff, Belfast 1922. No real obituary when he died

1877 Jan 11 Born

1899 Jan 4. Commissioned Royal Scots  

1902 Married Mabel Constance Seymour (she d.1934 aged 55, daughter of Robert Seymour of Dublin.)

1909 Captain, General Staff HQ Army  

1910 Major, General Staff War Office

1914 Major, War Office (Declaration of War)

Major, Head of H Branch MI5 throughout the war (under Lt. Colonel Kell)

1919 Jan 1 Lt. Colonel,

1920 Lt. Colonel, 1920, A Branch (Director of Administration) Ireland, Dublin Castle. In Police Advisor's Office in Dublin

1922 Lt. Colonel, 1922, Director Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Belfast

1934 Married Mrs Katherine Bompas née BAYLAY daughter of Reverend Attwell Baylay of Thurgarton Nottinghamshire, and widow of Cuthbert Bompas. Secretary of the International Women's Suffrage Alliance. of Dublin. They had no children.

1940 Jun 29 Died


Police Advisors office