2nd Lt Frederick Edgar Shorter

Remarkably little exists in archives about him. His birth and death plus 1911 census is about it.I cannot get a commission - which he could not, because of his age, got before 1919. He arrived in Dublin with "no papers", so no regiment nor rank is recorded

1901 Feb 5, Born Birth registered Edmonton Jan/Mar 1901

1901 census. Maud, age 2, is at her grandparents Thomas and Alice Collins in Tottenham. I cannot find the rest of the family

1911 census 30 Stanley Rd, Bours Park, London

He ought not to have been commissioned till the end of 1918 at the earliest because of his age. I suspect it was a commission on demobilisation

1920 Nov 30. Joined ADRIC with RIC no 79823, ADRIC no 1115 . From Middlesex Posted to L Coy

He had three fines by Coy Commander, one of £3 , one of £2 and one of 10/-

1921 Jun 16. Killed in Rathcoole Ambush In a convoy of about 25 Auxiliaries who were ambushed in Co Cork. Based with L Coy at Millstreet. Boyd and Shorter were killed

His next of kin is given as his father of 277 Kingston Rd, Merton, Surrey