Princess Paleologue

Colin R Fenn wrote to me that he researched her when he wrote the guide to "West Norwood Cemetery's Greek Necropolis".

Princess Palæologus claimed unbroken descent from the Byzantine emperors. The last Emperor Constantine XI died childless, while the other male heirs were extinct by the beginning of the 16th century.  Nonetheless, several families have claimed maternal links, including Eugenie Palæologus, whose immediate ancestors were established as nobility in Malta. Although some have called her a pretender, she was received with royal honours when she entered Greece during the reign of King George I in 1898. She married Colonel Edmund Hill Wickham (1842-1907) of the Royal Artillery and settled in England. He and three of their sons are commemorated nearby: Diggie, Prince Constantine Douglas Palæolocus, who drowned at Teddington in 1900; Major Edmund Theodore Eugene di Cristoforo de Bouillon Wickham; and Captain Montague Hill Clephane di Cristoforo de Bouillon Wickham.

The latter two were battlefield casualties of the Great War and were buried in France.  Another memorial records her grandson, Lt-Cdr Christopher Montague Vernon Francis Dalrymple-Hay RN (1896-1944), who is buried in Liverpool. A submarine captain in the Great War, he commanded the naval landing of the Canadian force at Salerno in WWII and received several military and humanitarian awards.

1849 Born Malta

1861 census at St Davids, Pembrokeshire

1869 Edmund Wickham marries in Rochford to Eugenia Attard (sic) . Her marriage to Edmund Hill Wickham produced 5 children between 1872 and 1885

1871 census

1872 Daughter. Born Malta. Laura Mary Edith Catherine de Bouillion Wickham ( she married in 1893 to Lt.-Col. Stair Francis Barton Dalrymple-Hay)

1875. Born son Edmund T de Cristoforo de Bouillion Wickham. Died Fulham Apr/Jun 1918

1878 Son . Born Malta, Montagu Hill Clephane De Cristoforo De Bouillon Wickham died France 9 May 1915

1880 Born . Douglas Clephane de Cristoforo de Bouillion Wickham

1884 Born Clyde de Cristoforo de Bouillon Wickham. Died Fulham Oct/Dec 1923.

1881 census

1891 census at 7, Comeragh Road, Fulham, London

1899 Claim to Byzantine throne recognised by Russia

1901 census Living in 34, Charleville Road, Fulham

1907 Her husband Edmund Hill Wickham died Fulham

1911 census Princess Paleologue is living in London , no J V Harcourt. The Princess' name is WICKHAM, Eugenie Princess Paleologue

1913 Jan 6 Claim to throne of Constantinople

1915 May 9. Her son Montague Hill Wickham died. CWGC gives him as son of Lt. Col. Edmund Hill Wickham, RA, and The Princess Eugenie Paleologue, of 34, Charleville Rd., West Kensington, London. Commissioned in the 5th Bn. Connaught Rangers May 1898. Served in South Africa 1900, and with the West African Frontier Force 1908 to 1914

1925/1927 in London Phone Book "Princess Paleologue"

1929 May 4. A court case casts some, but not a lot , of light on her life.

1934 Jul/Sep. Died London, Kensington. Eugenie M Paleologue (Princess).

The probate goes to her daughter Edith Laura

Also buried here is the princess’ mother, Laura Attardo Testaferrata (d.1912), daughter of the Marchese di Noto of Malta and wife of Theodore Attardo di Cristoforo de Bouillon Palæologu. Theodore attempted to press his hereditary claim to the throne when the Greek King Otto fled back to Bavaria after a coup in 1862, but instead the Greek Parliament elected King George I (from Denmark).

1988. The title is still being used


J V Harcourt