Midshipman Philip Marmion Egerton Hall RNR

He was officially 19 when he died but he must have been only 18. The University Royal Naval Units, although under the jurisdiction of BRNC Dartmouth, are also a part of the Royal Naval Reserve. Students hold the honorary ranks of Officer Cadet (in their first year of enrolment) and Midshipman RNR (from the second year onward) provided they have completed the issued 'Taskbooks' to the satisfaction of the Commanding Officer of each unit P M E Hall must have come into this category

1902 May 7. Born Sevenoaks, Kent

1911 census at Chafford House, Fordcombe, Tunbridge Wells

1918 Aug 5 Appointed Midshipman TNA records

1920 Oct 28. Joined ADRIC service no 898. Formerly Midshipman RNR. Unmarried

1921 Jan 28 Shot accidentally in Tralee

The inquiry brought out the following sequence of events

E M Leslie was court martialed, and found "not guilty" of any offences

The funeral was attended by Bing AT, Ireland BJ, Hewitt BE, Apperley TKG , Cowden A, Baartman HWL