Lt Herbert Claude Frecker, RASC

He lost an eye at Ypres.

1881 Oct 25. Born Brussels son of James Clark Frecker and Caroline Elizabeth Haigh. Frecker is actually an Old English name and for several generations there were large numbers oon Guernsey. Before that my ancestors were in Gosport and before that on the Isle of Wight.

His fathers profession rom the MC is impossible to decipher. The father's marriage cert leads me to Commercial Traveller

1893-1897. Educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey

1902 Oct/Dec married (it does not tie up with his divorce, but I assume it was to Lucienne L M Perette, so he may have had another divorce). He was in fact married 3 times

1917 Jan 5. The undermentioned to be temp. 2nd Lts. (on prob.): — Herbert Claude Frecker.

1917 Jan 26 Landed in France

1918 Jul 5. The undermentioned temp. 2nd Lts. to be temp. Lts., H. C. Frecker.

1919 Aug 4. The undermentioned Lts., late R.A.S.C., to be Lts. 1st July 1921: H. C. Frecker, with seniority 4th Aug. 1919.

1919 Divorce Court . Appellant: Emilie Leonce Claudine Frecker. Respondent: Herbert Claude Frecker. Type: Wife's petition for divorce

1920 Jun 1. Temp. Lt. H. C. Frecker relinquishes his commn. on completion of service and retains the rank of Lt.

1920 Sep 24. Joined ADRIC with service no 628. Posted to F Coy.

1920 Dec 1. Raid on Edward O'Connor's house at 17 Murtagh Road by a group from F Coy and a Secret Service Officer. The raiding party found secreted under beams or in the W.C. various "incriminating " articles including a Rifle Grenade and detonator. Frecker was among the raiding party. As a result Edward O'Connor was arrested. His mother Mrs. Mary O'Connor later made a complaint about the way the raid was conducted. It appears to have been about the theft of a ring, and an inappropriate body search by Major Carew. But was widened later to include the breakage of an Epergne ( a table centrepiece common at the time). As a result of her complaint she attended at an identification parade of " F " Coy men and identified a number of the men who had taken part. In particular she said that Frecker was under the influence of drink and she thought that he was going to steal a silver backed mirror before she stopped him. She also claimed that Section Leader Wood was under the influence of drink and demanded whisky from her during the raid

She had an official reply and the report from the officer who visited the O'Connor house to investigate, 2.DI G H Luxton, reported that the Epergne had little value, and had not been in the original complaint, that there was doubt that the ring had ever existed. She identified T/Cadet Frecker as being the man who picked up the hand Mirror ( being absolutely emphatic on this point ) and whom she alleges was under the influence of drink. In his report Luxton stated that he personally had never seen Frecker drink, and Section Leader Longfield, who had been in charge of the canteen, stated that he had never served Frecker a drink. The report also says that Wood never entered the house (although he was on the raid, he states he stayed on the tender) The Silver Epergne and the ring were the only two articles alleged to have been stolen. They are of such small intrinsic value that I cannot credit Mrs. O'Connors statement and in my opinion her allegations are more or less negatived by subsequent events.... I am further of the opinion that allegations of misbehaviour of members of the Auxiliary Division is part of the Sinn Fein propaganda scheme. There is ample evidence to prove that Mrs. O,Connors son is a member of the I.R.A.

1921 Mar 9. Married in Dublin to Florence Ivy May Coleman

1921 Sep 1. Their only child, Frederick Claude Frecker, was born in Dublin

1921 Dec 21. Permitted to resign on disciplinary grounds

They briefly rented a house near Horsham after they returned from Dublin. Presumably the Crofton Cottage on MIC.

1931 Oct 25. The undermentioned, having attained the age limit of liability to recall, cease to belong to the Res. of Off.. RASC. :Lt H C Frecker

1949 Sep 6. Divorce from Florence Ivy May Coleman (she died in 1981). They apparently had gone their separate ways long before that.

1959 Jan 20 Died London aged 77