Commission on Discharge

Commission on discharge under AO 42 . Army Order 42 of 1919 states as follows: Whereas We deem it expedient to regulate further the future grant of commissions to officer cadets during the period of the present war, Our Will and Pleasure is that such cadets as, on or after January 1, 1919, have completed a satisfactory course of training, may be granted Special Reserve, Territorial Force, or temporary commissions, but that they shall not be entitled to any outfit allowance, gratuity, pay or any other emoluments as officers in respect of the grant of such commissions.  On leaving the Army, or on being demobilised, they shall receive such gratuities as they would be eligible for as warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men had they not been granted a commission.

Cadets to be temp. 2nd Lts. under the provisions of the Royal Warrant dated 30th Dec. 1918, promulgated in Army Order 42 of 1919 : There were 126 examples of such commissions on discharge who later joined the ADRIC. It should be pointed out that RAF commissions on discharge are easier to research than Army ones - as all RAF officers records are online. Army records are more difficult to extract from London Gazette

There are long lists on this link to LG

  Date of Commission  
Adams C.A Mar 1919 Army
Anderson WJ Feb 1919 Army
Angel JW Jan 1919 Army
Bacon RH Mar 1919 Navy
Bagguley J Mar 1919 RAF
Baird JH Feb 1919 RAF
Barnhill GFJ Mar 1919 Army
Barrett HW Feb 1919 Army
Bibby RH Mar 1919 RAF
Blake AT Jan 1919 RAF
Booth E Mar 1919 RAF
Bothwell J Feb 1919 RAF
Boyce S Feb 1919 RAF
Boyle DHM Mar 1919 Army
Brady FJ Mar 1919 Army
Brain CV Feb 1919 RAF
Broeke GAT May 1919 RAF
Burnet DR Feb 1919 RAF
Burton AEP

Dec 1918

Bushell T ? 1919 Army
Cady GLC Dec 1918 RAF
Calder JV Jun 1919 Army
Campbell WVA Apr 1919 RAF
Careless ES Apr 1919 RAF
Carpenter LR Mar 1919 RAF
Cattell TWG Jan 1919 RAF
Cherriman PE Apr 1919 RAF
Chesterman CF Apr 1919 RAF
Clayton H Mar 1919 Army
Coates G May 1919 RAF
Coles CW Apr 1919 Army
Conlin TW Feb 1919 Army
Constable GF Feb 1919 RAF
Cotter JA Feb 1919 RAF
Cowley CCC Feb 1919 Army
Cox FGT Apr 1919 RAF
Cross LPD Feb 1919 RAF
Cumming EC Feb 1919 RAF
Curtis HBJ Jan 1919 RAF
Dalby E Mar 1919 Army
Davies PF May 1919 RAF
Dunbar HR Feb 1919 RAF
Eastmond HJF Mar 1919 Army
Edwards GM Mar 1919 RAF
Edwards JE Apr 1919 Army
Ekins TA Sep 1919 RAF
Fitzgerald AJ Apr 1919 RAF
Fitzgerald EC Feb 1919 RAF
Fox ECT Mar 1919 Army
Galbraith AM Mar 1919 RAF
Gebbett ER Mar 1919 RAF
Harrison F Mar 1919 Army
Hammond H Feb 1919 Army
Harber WT Jan 1919 RAF
Hebdon VH Feb 1919 Army
Herdman EP Feb 1919 RAF
Higgs F Mar 1919 Army
Hodges JG May 1919 Army
Hollidge HW Mar 1919 Army
Hollway JE Mar 1919 Army
Holmes F Mar 1919 RAF
Hope W Feb 1919 RAF
Horner WR Apr 1919 RAF
Hughes CG Mar 1919 RAF
Hylton EW Feb 1919 RAF
Jacoby CH Feb 1919 Army
Jeans JE Mar 1919 RAF
Jones FG Mar 1919 Army
Keeble AW Mar 1919 Army
Kerr GR Mar 1919 RAF
King JH Mar 1919 Army
Kitching FF Feb 1919 Army
Knight EM Mar 1919 Army
Knight L Mar 1919 RAF
Lamb JL Mar 1919 RAF
Lamb JWR May 1919 RAF
Lambert FA Mar 1919 Army
Leggatt CA Mar 1919 RAF
Lomas E Dec 1918 Army
Lowry HR May 1919 RAF
Lugg FH Jun 1919 Army
Marchant AF Mar 1919 RAF
Martin JC Mar 1919 Army
Mauldon PG Feb 1919 Army
McIntyre D Feb 1919 Army
Menin S Mar 1919 Army
Michell HV Mar 1919 RAF
Morrow R Mar 1919 Army
Oliver HR Mar 1919 Army
Onions G Aug 1919 Army - re-com
Oswald WH Feb 1919 Army
Parkins M Feb 1919 RAF
Price HE Feb 1919 Army
Pyle DE Mar 1919 Army
Robert RC Mar 1919 RAF
Robertshaw AE May 1919 RAF
Ross E Apr 1919 RAF
Scoble WTR Feb 1919 RAF
Scott JBP May 1919 RAf
Selby F Feb 1919 Army
Sharnock FA Feb 1919 RAF
Shelton RW Feb 1919 Army
Slater HG Mar 1919 Army
Smooker AT Feb 1919 RAF
Sparrow T Feb 1919 RAF
Stamer B Mar 1919 Army
Strickland HJC Apr 1919 RAF
Stuart W Feb 1919 RAF
Sullivan JC Mar 1919 Army
Swaffer SD Mar 1919 RAF
Tessyman CVS Mar 1919 Army
Thompson AC Mar 1919 Army
Thomson GO Apr 1919 RAF
Utting OK Mar 1919 RAF
Walton JC Mar 1919 RND
Watson VE Jan 1919 RAF
Watters AW May 1919 Army
Webb A Mar 1919 RAF
Wieland AE Mar 1919 Army
Williams IG Apr 1919 Army
Willson SOG Mar 1919 RAF
Wootton WG May 1919 RAF
Worger FJ Feb 1919 RAF
Wray TE Feb 1919 RAF
Wykes CD May 1919 RAF

Auxiliary Division of the Royal Ulster Constabulary