Robert Lewkenor Worsley

British Inspector Higgins, Assistant Superintendent Robert Worsley and Abdin Bey Husseimi.

1893 Dec 8. born Brackley, Northants

1901 census living with parents at The Vicarage, Evenley, Brackley.

1911 census at St Peters College, Radley School

1914 Aug 4. Enlists in Queens Own Oxford Hussars

In 1914, after only a month's training, the regiment received an unexpected telegram. It came from the First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, instructing them to prepare for immediate embarkation. They were to join the Naval Brigade which he was sending to Flanders to prevent a German advance towards the Channel ports. The QOOH became the first Territorial unit to see action. It was typical of Churchill's boyish enthusiasm for amateur soldiering that he should have thought up this plan for his old yeomanry regiment, in which his younger brother, Jack Churchill, was then serving.

The regiment soon hardened to the realities of war. Although disparagingly nicknamed by men of the regular army 'Queer Objects On Horseback' or 'agricultural cavalry', the QOOH took part in many actions from Ypres in 1914 to Amiens and the final advance in 1918, winning battle honours and the lasting respect of their fellow members of the 2nd Cavalry Division. As such, it was one of only six yeomanry regiments to be posted to a regular cavalry division in the war.

As cavalry they spent frustrating periods waiting in readiness to push on through the gap in the enemy's line, which never came. They toiled in working parties bringing up supplies, digging defensive positions, suffering the discomforts of appalling conditions, and frequently dismounting to fight fierce engagements on foot and in the trenches themselves

1914 Sep 20. Lands in France with Queens Own Oxford Hussars.

1914 Nov 2. Commissioned with Queens Own Oxford Hussars. Robert Lewkenor Worsley. The undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants

1917 May 26. Leaves unit, wounded by shell, and returns to UK

1918 Jun 2. Arrives back in UK

1917 Dec 26. Lt. R. L. Worsley to be actg. Capt. whilst comdg. a Squadron.

1916 Jun 1. 2nd Lt. R. L. Worsley to be Lt.,

1918 Apr 1. Leaves unit in France, wounded, and returns to UK

1920 Oct 18 . Joined ADRIC No770, RIC No79136. Allocated to G  Coy

1921 Mar 2. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Apr 30 Moved from G Coy to R Coy as Intelligence Officer

1921 May 30 Raids with RCoy

1921 May 31. Posted to Q Coy (does not specify whether as IO or not, I assume not)

1921 Aug 26. Struck off strength of ADRIC on transfer as Permanent Cadet in RIC

1921 Sep 30. The undermentioned Offrs. relinquish their commns., under A.0. 166/21, as amended by A.O. 332/21, and retain their rank Lt. R. L. Worsley.

1921 Aug 26. permanent Cadet (3rd DI)

1922 Mar 19. pensioned 19 March 1922.

1922 Mar 30 Joined the Palestine Police (21042) as a Captain in British Gendarmerie section.

1930 married Joyce Marjorie Cheales Middleton on Palestine

1935 Feb 5. Daughter Felicity M J Worsley born in UK

1939 Jun 8. The KING has been graciously pleased, on the occasion of the Celebration of His Majesty's Birthday, to approve the award of the Colonial Police Medal to Robert Lewkenor Worsley, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Palestine.

1948 May 28 Travelling with wife Joyce (1 year younger) and daughter Felicity (age 13) on SS Athlone Castle arrives in UK. He is "Commissioner of Prisons" in South Africa. Travelling 1st class from Durban.

1948 Sep 30. Leaves UK for Cape Town South Africa on SS Athlone Castle, travelling 1st class with his wife. Their UK address was Cherry Trees, Dirleton. He is a Civil Servant.

1960 Jul 1. Arrives in UK on SS Pendennis Castle. Travelling from Durban with wife Joyce (B 10 Jan 1895). He is "retired" and living in South Africa.

1960 Oct 13 Departs UK for South Africa. He is retired and with his wife Joyce, and they both have South African passports.

1973 Nov 23. Old Radley School magazine reportd his death in Cape Town. (Wharton's A. 1908-11). He went on to Wye Agricultural College. During the Great War he served as a Lieutenant in the Q.O. Oxfordshire Hussars in France, where he was twice wounded. He was successively district inspector in the Royal Irish Constabulary; captain in the Palestine Gendarmerie; assistant superintendent in the Palestine Police; and Commissioner of Prisons in Northern Rhodesia. His father and three brothers were also at Radley.