Lt Tom Simmonds RNVR, DSO, MC, DCM

1891 Jul 19 Born Pontypool, Monmouthshire.

1901 census at Stable Row Upper Cwmbran, Llanvrechfa Upper, Upper Cwmbran

1911 census at 20 Martin St Blaenavon

1916 Sep 26. DCM gazetted

1917 May 30 Commissioned Sub-Lt in RNVR

1918 Mar 4. MC awarded in the field. T./Sub-Lt. Tom Simmonds, R.N.V.R. His Majesty the KING has been pleased to confer the undermentioned rewards for gallantry and distinguished service in the Field. The acts of gallantry for which the decorations have been awarded will be announced in the London Gazette as early as practicable: T./Sub-Lt. Tom Simmonds, R.N.V.R. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He led repeated bombing attacks, and, though heavily outnumbered, forced the enemy back and established a bombing block. He held the block with the greatest determination under intense fire for six hours, remaining at his post, though he was wounded. His fearless and courageous leadership was of the greatest value in a most difficult situation.

1918 Nov 8 MID

1919 Jan 11. DSO gazetted Sub Lt Drake Battalion RND. T./Sub-Lt. Tom Simmonds, M.C., D.C.M., Drake Bn., R.N.V.R. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during an attack. He rallied his company under heavy fire and rushed a machine-gun nest, capturing many prisoners and machine guns. After taking his final objective he pushed on and captured a convoy consisting of two large field guns, ammunition limbers and an ambulance wagon, together with many prisoners. He also captured the whole of a party of one officer and seventy men, with transport. Throughout two days' operations he was continually performing gallant acts, and his courage and cheerfulness were a splendid example to his men.

1920 Aug 24. Joined ADRIC service number 361. Posted to D Coy .

1920 Aug 31. Promoted Platoon Commander

1921 Jan 18 Wounded in Kilroe ambush and awarded the Constabulary Medal on 25 May 1921, PRO, HO 351/73.

1921. Feb 19 Promoted 2nd in Command D Coy

1921 May 25 Constabulary Medal Citation HO 351/73. The commander of the Auxiliary detachment, Section Leader Lieutenant T. Simmonds DSO MC DCM, was awarded the Constabulary Medal for bravery during this ambush. "Although suffering from very painful wounds in the back he organised his defence splendidly, drove off the attackers and then withdrew with all the wounded clear of the wood to a place of vantage, where a defence position was taken up until the arrival of reinforcements."

1921 Jun 18 to 8 Jul on Leave

1922 Jan 31. Discharged on demobilisation of ADRIC

1934 Apr/Jun died Newport, Monmouth ?