Major John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood DSO, QSA

No mention of ADRIC here!

1877 May 11. Gore Court, Maidstone, Kent

1877 Jun 24 Baptised St NIcholas Church, Otham, Kent.

1881 census I cannot find him, I suspect the family are abroad with army

Educated Harrow

1891 census at Yeo Vale Mansion, Alvington, Bideford, Devon, England

1895 Sep 24. Militia, Infantry, 3rd Devonshire. The following gentlemen to be 2nd Lts J H M Kirkwood

1897 Jun 9. 3rd Battalion, the Devonshire Regiment, The undermentioned Second Lieutenants to be Lieutenants: J. H. M. Kirkwood.

1899 Sep 6. Royal North Devon (Hussars'), Lieutenant John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, from the 3rd Battalion the Devonshire Regiment, to be Lieutenant

1900 Jan 10. Royal North Devon (Hussars), Lieutenant J. H. M. Kirkwood resigns his Commission.

With Roberts Horse at Paardeberg and at Relief of Kimberley.

1900 Mar 31. Wounded Severely at Koornspruit (Official casualty roll location: Sanna's Post) with Roberts Horse. Lieutenant Kirkwood, and Lieutenant and Quartermaster Hawkins, and about 50 men wounded. About 70 were made prisoners

South African Field Force. JB Hayward & Sons. The action usually referred to as 'Sannah's Post' took place in the bed of this stream. In order to destroy the Bloemfontein waterworks on the Modder River east of Sannah's Post and cut off the return of Brig-Gen R.G. Broadwood's force from Thaba Nchu to Bloemfontein, Chief-Cmdt C.R. de Wet took a commando of some 1,600 burghers and, splitting it in two, prepared an ambush in the bed of the spruit just west of the incomplete buildings of the railway station. Broadwood's column arrived early on 31 March 1900 and bivouacked west of the Modder around Sannah's Post. As dawn broke a few hours later, the bivouac was shelled by guns from the remainder of the commando led by Veg-Gen P.D. de Wet and orders were issued to continue the move westwards towards Bloemfontein. As the transport wagons jammed together at the drift across the Koornspruit they were ambushed by C.R. de Wet's party which also took six guns of 'U' battery Royal Horse Artillery. Broadwood managed to marshall the remains of his convoy to a drift upstream and continue westwards, but one-third of his column had been either killed, wounded or captured and he had lost seven guns and 83 supply wagons.

1900 May 30. The undermentioned Candidates, recommended by the Field-Marshal Commanding-in-Chief, South Africa, to be Second Lieutenants.7th Dragoon Guards, Lieutenant John Henealey Morrison Kirkwood, from Roberts Horse, on augmentation

1901 Jul 1. MID gazetted "On march, near Edenburg, Orange River Colony, in command of rearguard to cattle escort, finding two men had been left behind, volunteered to go out with Cape cart and fetch them. Did so, and succeeded under a perfect fusilade of rifle fire. Private Ludman accompanied him.'

1901 Nov 1. The steamship Roslin left Cape Town carrying wounded who included 2nd Lt J H M Kirkwood of 7th Dragoon Guards.

1901 Nov 25. 7th Dragoon Guards, Second Lieutenant J. H. M. . Kirkwood to be Lieutenant, vice R. Hutchison, seconded. Dated

1902 Oct/Dec. Gertrude Agnes Lyle , m. Major John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, of Yeo Yale, Devonshire at St Georges Hannover Sq, London

1902 Oct 11. Royal North Devon (Hussars), John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, Gent., late Lieutenant 7th Dragoon Guards, to be Lieutenant.

1904 Jan 9. First child born Robert Lucian Morrison Kirkwood

1905 Jul 10. A daughter, Diana Morrison Kirkwood born

1907 Sep 15. Born John Tatton Kirkwood

1910 Dec 12. Conservative M.P. for South East Essex in 1910-12. Returned in the election for South East Essex with a majority of 1217.

1911 Feb 14. Royal Aero Club of United Kingdom - elected a member.

1911 census at 62 Sloan Street, Chelsea, London, Middlesex, England.

1912 Mar 6. Resigns his seat.

1913 Mar 1. Divorce Court. Appellant: Gertrude Agnes Kirkwood. Respondent: John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood. Type: Wife's petition for restitution of conjugal rights. He tells her in a letter from East Africa that he cannot live with her again

1913 Mar 15. Resigns his commission in N Devon Hussars

1914 He was on his way to Africa on a German ship for Big Game hunting when war broke out. He got off the ship at Naples, and was able to join the army volunteer from Paris, obtaining a commission in the 4th Dragoon Guards, without going back to UK to enlist. He has a Medal Index Card, but has no personal file recorded under WO 338. Served in the 4th Dragoon Guards

1914 Aug 16. Joins BEF in France

1914 Oct 31. Wounded at Messines in the right hip, close to the wound he had received in the Boer War.

Thereafter he apparently took a commission in the Russian Army, serving with the Cossacks and serving south of Warsaw, then going to East Africa, before returning to 1st Life Guards, Household Battalion. I cannot substantiate this service in Russia, though it is in his obituary, and looks very improbable in the time frame available.

1915 May 18. 1st Life Guards (Reserve Regiment) John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, late Lieutenant, 7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards, to be temporary Lieutenant.

1916 Sep 9. Household Battalion. To be temp. Capts. whilst empld. with the Bn : — Temp. Lt. J. H. M. Kirkwood, from 4th Dragoon Guards

1916 Dec 26. The Household Battalion. Temp. Capt. J. H. M. Kirkwood to be acting Maj. whilst 2nd in command.

1917 May 3. G W Harvey's history of the Household Battalion. The Battalion was to gain objectives in the Black (1st Objective) and Blue (2nd Objective) Lines. They were however, held up by very heavy machine-gun fire in front of the cemetery (north of Roeux) and the road south of Corona Trench. Zero hour was 3.45 am but the survivors were back in the front-line trenches between 5 & 5.30 am At 6.38 am Lt Wanklyn, with 2 platoons, was ordered to reorganise the front line. At 10.45 am scouts were ordered forward to ascertain the situation at the cemetery. This was impossible because of sniper and machine-gun fire. About 12.30pm Major Kirkwood sent 2 bombing parties up Corona Trench and they were able to establish themselves at the point where Corona was blocked by debris. During the latter part ofthe day activity died down and into the 4th May work began on establishing a line of posts from Roeux Wood to the west of the cemetery

1917 Jul 30. W. Riding Regt. Temp. Maj. J. H. M. Kirkwood, D.S.O. (Household Bn., Cav.), to be actg. Lt.-Col. while comdg. a Bn. 30 July 1917 to 5 Aug. 1917

1917 Aug 16. DSO Gazetted. T./Maj. John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, Household Bn. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. The battalion under his command suffered heavy casualties, and was subjected to severe shell fire. Despite this he led them forward and gained his objective and consolidated the line. The success of the operation was largely due to his fine example and the able manner in which he handled his men.

1917 Aug 27 . 1st Irish Rifles. On the 27th the battalion moved to De Seule, a village east of Bailleul, where yet another commanding officer, Lieut.-Colonel J. H. M. Kirkwood, D.S.O., Household Battalion, arrived. The Battalion was fated to have bad luck with its best commanding officers, who seldom survived long. Colonel Kirkwood was neither killed nor wounded, like most of the others, but was evacuated sick to England a little more than a month later, being succeeded by Major T. H. Ivey.

1917 Sep 1. R. Ir. Rif.—Temp. Maj. J. H. M. Kirkwood, D.S.O., The Household Bn., to be actg. Lt.Col. whilst comdg. a Bn.

1917 Oct 10. Royal Irish Rifles. Temp. Maj. J. H. M. Kirkwood, D.S.O., Household Bn., relinquishes the actg. rank of Lt.-Col. on ceasing to comd. a Bn.

1917 Dec 11. MID gazetted

1918 Feb 28. The Household Bn. Temp. Maj. J. H. M. Kirkwood relinquishes his commn. on account of ill-health, and is granted the hon. rank of Maj.

1920 Aug 3. Joined ADRIC with service no 82. No details of his posting nor his rank on ADRIC register

1920 Sep 11. He was in command of A Coy ADRIC when the post office raid by Auxiliaries disguised as IRA men took place. Crozier was later to claim that this raid was not sanctioned by either him nor the A Coy commander, Col Kirkwood. Crozier later wrote in "Ireland For Ever " "..the men had been taught a lesson over Bruce and the post office raid that eventually killed Colonel Kirkwood"

Messenger's book on Crozier suggests that Kirkwood had been un-nerved when lunching with a retired officer Major Dermot McCalmont at his home in Kilkenny, an IRA gang raided the house. Kirkwood was not in uniform, so escaped

WS1454 About February or March 1921, the Holycross Company, acting on information received, made a raid on Major McCalmont's home at Mount Juliet in Co. Kilkenny, commandeering two private motor cars for the purpose. The raid was under the control of John Ryan, captain of that company, and was carried out without my approval. However, it resulted in the capture of a nice little arsenal one. 45 Colt automatic, three. 45 revolvers, some sporting rifles and shotguns, a big quantity of ammunition and a pair of powerful field glasses. Though I admonished the men responsible for going into another brigade area without my consent, I felt that the material seized should have been taken long before that by the Kilkenny men themselves and that when they failed to do so they did not deserve to have it returned to them

1920 Sep 28 Resigned from ADRIC - no reason given. The sign that moves were afoot can be seen from GV Jones's arrival at ADRIC on 24 Sep.

1920 Oct 4. Arrives New York

1922 Aug 25. Leaves London on SS KAISER I HIND for Port Said. Occupation "soldier". I suspect, but cannot prove that he went to the Palestine Gendarmerie (caught a boat to Port Said in 1922) .

1924 Feb 7 Died at Moorcroft, Hillingdon, Middlesex. Newspaper reports that war service effected his health, and another says that rheumatism was a severe problem for him. In fact the death cert makes it clear that he died of syphilis, from which he had been suffering or 3 years. One does not know if he picked up his syphilis in Palestine or in Ireland

1924 Feb 12 Buried In Golders Green, London

1924 Sep 4. His widow remarries in London to Lieutenant-Colonel John Hill Pattisson, DSO, Essex Regt. Gertrude Agnes Pattisson (née Lyle) (died 1961), Former wife of John Hendley Morrison Kirkwood, and later wife of John Hill Pattisson; daughter of Sir Robert Park Lyle, 1st Bt

1925 Jan 6. Probate. Kirkwood, John Hendley Morrison of Yeo Vale, Alwington Devon died 7 February 1924 at Moorcroft Hillingdon Uxbridge Middlesex. Probate London 6 January to William Edwin Pitts Tucker solicitor. Effects £330 16s. 5d.

1925 Oct 24. His son announces marriage, note that Kirkwood's wife has remarried.

1925 Dec 16 His daughter Diana married George Lorne Carter-Campbell, 6th of Possil, son of Arthur Campbell Carter-Campbell, 5th of Possil and Kathleen Isabelle Hilhouse, 7th of Possil, on 16 December 1925.1 She and George Lorne Carter-Campbell, 6th of Possil were divorced in 1926.1 She died on 10 February 1969.