I Company ADRIC

Castleblaney Castle, also known as Hope Castle

Platoon Commander C E Vickers outside Amiens St Railway Station

1921 Jan 19 T/C H W Barrett and T/C S E Stratsman were wounded in an attack on an Auxiliary tender in Parliament Street, within a few yards of Dublin Castle.   Eight Cadets from "I" Company were in a Crossley Tender, when a man emerged from a side street and threw a bomb into the Tender.  Cadet H.W. Barrett, received six wounds in the lower part of the body and Cadet S.E. Strasman received two wounds in his legs.    

1921 Jan 21 On a raid under S/L C Thomas at Grace Park Gardens where arms and ammunition were found

1921 Feb 16. A Patrol from I Coy was fired at in Dublin without casualties

1921 Feb 20 A patrol from I Coy was subject to a grenade attack at Phibsboro . OK Utting was wounded . They had earlier raided Bamba Hall

1921 Feb 28 WP Gill, Second in Command I Coy was posted to J Coy as Company Commander

Mohill Workhouse

1921 Mar. Moved to The Workhouse, Mohill, Co. Leitrim. They appear to have carried on with doing regular raids in Dublin

1921 Mar 6 Henry Guy shot by a patrol from I Coy in Dublin

1921 May 20 On raids in Dublin

1921 May 21. Raids in Dublin

1921 Apr 1. H Wilkinson Promoted Coy Commander from 2nd in Command of H Coy. He appears to hold the position until the demobilisation of the ADRIC in Jan 1922

1921 Apr 17 An I Coy patrol ambushed in Dublin

1921 Apr 21. Questions asked in Parliament

1921 Apr 29 A patrol from I Coy Arrested J Shandey on possession of a revolver. in Dublin

1921 May 12. A plain clothes patrol in Dublin operates with T/C JVL McGarry

1921 May 13 DI1 H Wilkinson charge of raids in Dublin

1921 May 15 DI1 H Wilkinson charge of raids in Dublin

1921 May 16.DI1 H Wilkinson charge of a raid in Dublin

1921 May 16 A patrol from I Coy arrest Goulding in possession of a gun in Beresford Place, Dublin. The patrol appear to have been stationed at Royal Barracks, Dublin

1921 May 17 raids in Dublin include DI1 H Wilkinson, DI3 C Thomas and T/C B McQ Mason

1921 May 18 Raids in Dublin

1921 May 20. J MacDonald wounded in bomb attack in Bolton St, Dublin

1921 May 21 WE Waitt promoted 2nd in Command I Coy .

1921 May 22. Man arrested by I Coy Main Gate Guard at Richmond Hospital, N Dublin Union

Ballybay House

1921 Jun. I Coy then moved to Monaghan. They first sent out a recce party who went to what was probably Ballybay House large house which appeared suitable.  Owned by the Leslies, on 2 June 1921, the house was destroyed by fire because it was believed locally that a contingent of Auxiliaries were going to be billeted there. Or it might just have been part of the retaliatory campaign ordered by the I.R.A. in reprisal for the burning of creameries by the British. I cannot find anyone taking credit in the Witness Statements. They therefore took over Castleblaney House as a base

1921 Nov 15 WE Waitt the 2nd in Command, was posted to D Coy. as Company Commander D Coy

1921 Dec 3. J W Hoggart posted to I Coy as 2nd in Command. So late in the day this must have been done in response to a particular problem

1922 Jan 21 A dispute over payment for recreational boats

Auxiliary Companies