F Company Auxiliary Division

All Platoons, Officers and men in F Coy

Reynolds wrote in his notes included in Collins Papers that F Coy did not come under Depot. It had picked people of "fairly good rank". And they were billeted in the Castle Exchange

A number of versions of this photo exist

Dore, Halper, Palmer, Herrot, Reynolds, Lewis, Huntingford, Shelton, Casmaker, Thompson, McClean, Axminster, Fletcher, Gorman, Hughes, Florre, Derrick, Igoe, Webb, Bennett, Lt Tony Frail, Coaker, Costigan, Beckett, Carew, Lamb, Sparron, Barrett, Downes, Cutting, Webber. Waddington, Swaffer, Simpson, Warrior

Not all men in photo are in ADRIC. Carew, Coaker and Thompson do not have ADRIC numbers

1= Corson WMcC, 2= Major LES Stokes (Secret Service), 3=Thompson GR (Secret Service), 4= Reynolds JC, 5= Bennett A, 6= Warrior D

1920 Sep 21 First intake of men for F Coy. They were based at Exchange Court, Lower Gate at Dublin Castle. Prisoners captured with seditious documents of any importance or weapons found on them were taken to Dublin Castle to be interrogated in the intelligence office, by (not exclusively) the team of Capt Jocelyn Lee Hardy and his colleague, Capt William Lorraine King .

1920 Sep 18. KGS Ross promoted Commander F Coy

1920 Oct 14. F Coy inspected by Field Marshall French at Phoenix Park.

1920 Oct 25 Raid on Oxford Billiard Saloon

1920 Oct 26 KGS Ross moved 2nd in Command F Coy. Odd this as it is the promotions section rather than demotions, but it transpires it was a prelude to moving to being a Permanent Cadet in RIC. WL King takes over has F Coy Commander

1920 Nov 1. From WE Crewe's diary (only page that appears to have survived)

1920 Nov 10. KGS Ross, the 2nd in command moves off to be a permanent Cadet in RIC

1920 Nov 20 Raid on Republican Bank accounts

1920 Nov 21 Killings of Conor Clune, Paeder Clancy, and Dick McKee

On the night of 20/21 November 1920 Conor Clune, Paeder Clancy, and Dick McKee, the latter two leading lights in the Dublin IRA, the former a luckless Gaelic League member who were all captured in Dublin the night before Bloody Sunday in which Hardy and King were just two of the targets of Michael Collins operation. Clune was caught at Vaughn's Hotel in Parnell Square, Dublin and the two IRA leaders at Lower Gloucester St. complete with British army officer uniforms and detonators. Sometime between then and the next day, in the Dublin Castle guard room, as news no doubt filtered in of the deaths of several British intelligence officers, the prisoners were killed in questionable circumstances. According to an official report from Dublin Castle, they attempted to grab rifles and hurl unfuzed grenades and were killed in that action. The guards of 'F' Company in the room at the time were cleared of wrongdoing by a court inquiry. Reynolds of 'F' Company is said to have passed details of the killers to Michael Collins. The Times noted that it seemed as if the prisoners had been lined up and shot.

1920 Dec 1 Raid on Edward O'Connor's house at 17 Murtagh Road by a group from F Coy and a Secret Service Officer. The raiding party found secreted under beams or in the W.C. various "incriminating " articles including a Rifle Grenade and detonator.

1920 Dec 11 Raid on 198 Parnell St, Heron & Lawless Engineers & Cycle Mechanics

One of the iconic photos of the War of Independence - named the "Special Gang" by IRA intelligence (note, not Cairo Gang)

1. R Dentith , 2 AF Fletcher , 3. F Moore , 4. SD Swaffer , 5. CB Dove , 6. LG Appleford , 7. HF Gorman , 8. A Winch , 9. DF McClean , 10.GA Stapley

1921 Jan 4 . Ball held by F Company in Dublin Castle

1921 Jan 21 . Tolka Bridge Ambush. F Coy thwarted an attempt to ambush a RIC patrol

1921 Jan 28. F Coy tender attacked in North Earle St, and WX Brownrigg wounded

1921 Feb 9. Shooting of James Murphy and Patrick Kennedy

James Murphy and Patrick Kennedy were arrested by Auxiliaries in Dublin and were in the custody of 'F' company . Two hours later, constables of the Dublin Metropolitan Police found the two men lying shot, with pails on their heads, in Clonturk Park, Drumcondra,: Kennedy was dead, and Murphy was dying. Murphy died in Mater Hospital, Dublin on 11 February, but just before dying James Murphy testified that King had taken them and stated that they were Just going for a drive. Captain W L King, commanding officer of F Company ADRIC, was arrested for the killings. King and two of his men, Hinchcliffe and Welsh were court-martialled on 13-15 February, but acquitted, after Murphy's dying declaration was ruled inadmissible, and two officers from F Company provided perjured alibis for Captain King at the time of the shootings

1921 Feb 12. R Caparn appointed Company Commander

1921 Apr 21. Raid by DI3 Simpson at Circular Road

1921 May 30 Raids carried out

1921 Mar 31 Raids carried out

1921 Apr 29 A question was asked in Parliament about a raid on Freemans Journal on 29 Apr. Mr. LAWSON asked the Chief Secretary whether his attention has been drawn to the statement in the "Freeman's Journal," with regard to the raid on its offices on 29th April, that the gentleman attacked by an auxiliary on that occasion is still in the hands of a doctor, and it is doubtful whether he will ever recover his eyesight, and that he denies having deserved such treatment; that on the same occasion four other members of the staff were assaulted, others threatened, and an American journalist warned to leave the country; and whether he will give orders for a further inquiry into this case? Sir H. GREENWOOD I have seen the statement referred to and I am having further inquiries made in the matter.

1921 May Effectively under Army Command

1921 May 13 F Coy raids in Dublin

1921 May 14 Raids in Dublin

1921 May 19. On raids in Dublin

1921 May 24 Man caught throwing grenades at F Coy patrol

1921 May 25. Custom House burning. Evidence to the inquiry was from DI3 HHR Towse of Q Coy who took 12 men in a lorry plus another detachment on foot and DI2 KF Crang of F Coy with 3 tenders of Auxiliaries plus an Armoured Car

1921 May 26 Raids with F Coy

1921 May 29 Raids in Dublin

1921 May 31 Raids in Dublin

1921 Jun 24. Cadet Leonard George Appleford, 27 and Cadet George Gerald Warnes, 29. Repeatedly shot by IRA gunmen who attacked them off duty. Shot dead on Grafton St. near Chatham St by men from the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade, IRA.  This was part of a larger IRA operation, whose purpose was to kill a large number of soldiers and police as they could fins in Grafton St area.. The operation was aborted because many of the IRA men could not get through to Granfton St, but one of the IRA men recognised and shot these two ADRIC men

1921 Nov 14 A football match between L Coy and F Coy


An IRA Intelligence mark up of a team photo could well be this team. The IRA Intelligence could only name Simpson, Casmaker, Saqui, Derrick. Pavey. I will add other names if I get them. The goalkeeper should be Corson. A newspaper report gave the names of the "F" Company team as ... Carson, Wakefield, Rolland, Pavey, Snow, Tighe, Sullivan, Thompson, Wells, Wheeler, Sheldon.

1922 Jan Demobilised as other ADRIC Companies, being sent by ship to Holyhead and demobilised there

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