Capt William Davis MGC

I cannot substantiate this information as I cannot find a British Court of Inquiry

Davis served as an Intelligence officer in East Limerick area when he was based at Kilmallock

A court of inquiry with these three officers, who were members of the Machine Gun Corps based in Ballyvonaire, as the presiding officers was held to inquire into the death of Constable Patrick McCann, from an accidental discharge of his own revolver. The inquiry was held in Corbetts Public House in Cappamore, as there was not a suitable room in the RIC Barracks. After the inquiry the 3 appear to have had one long bender and only arrived back in their Ballyvonaire barracks at 5.30am. Along the way they stopped at, and demanded entrance to, a number of pubs. At one of these, Davis shot Leonard

1920 Dec 30. Captain W Davis was identified, in a British Court of Inquiry, as the man who shot Richard Leonard at Boskill near Caherconlish. Charges against Davies were later dropped but his guilt was clearly established. The two other army officers with him were Major William Grey and Lt G. M. Loup.

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